说实话,Vultr确实不错,有种全球14个数据中心,100%在线保证,优秀的VPS性能,水平非常高的技术人员……这些特征足以让大家选择Vultr VPS主机。



Vultr is proud to announce an exciting milestone – more than 2 Million Cloud Servers have been deployed! Since launching just under 2 years ago more and more people have continued to choose Vultr and our high performance platform for their cloud infrastructure needs.

This rapid growth has been propelled by an unrelenting dedication to quality, backed by a 100% Uptime SLA, and by forging close relationships with our customers to deliver solutions that make the transition to our cloud easier than ever. In the coming months, our engineering team will continue focusing their energy on new exciting features and expanding our service offerings in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

We are thankful to all our friends and customers for making this possible. We will continue to strive each and everyday to exceed your expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Experience industry leading performance and our low latency global cloud for yourself!

Deploy a cloud server today for as low as $0.007/hour!

Thanks for helping make Vultr Great!

The Vultr Team


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